Garlicious Grinders
  • Dried minced garlic in clear shaker bottle.

    Just Garlic Grind

  • Tuscan seasoning blend in clear jar with label

    Tuscan Garlicious Grind

  • Salt-free herb seasoning bottle on green background

    SALT FREE – Garlicious Grind

  • Garlic seasoning blend in labeled jar.

    The “Original” Garlicious Grind

Grinder Refills
  • Herb blend seasoning packet, salt-free, Northeast Corner Herb Farm.

    SALT FREE – Garlicious Grind Refill

  • Package of Tuscan Garlious Grind seasoning.

    Tuscan Garlicious Grind Refill

  • Packaged dried garlic granules, 4 oz, food seasoning.

    Just Garlic Grind Refill

  • Peppercorn blend in clear plastic bag, herb packaging.

    Garlicious Grind Refill

Dips & Mixes
  • Mexicali Inferno dip mix in packaging.

    Mexicali “Inferno” Mix

  • Bag of Italian herbal seasoning mix.

    Italian Herbal Seasoning Mix

  • Boursin-style seasoning dry mix in clear packaging.

    Boursin Style Dip Mix

  • Package of dill seasoning mix labeled "Dilly Dip".

    Dilly Dip Mix

Herbal Braids
  • Dried herbal bouquets for sale at market.

    Herbal Braids – Small

  • Dried herbal bouquets for sale at market.

    Herbal Braids – Large

  • Packages of 'Chester's Choice' premium catnip in basket.

    Premium Catnip


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